Custom Tool Manufacturing

At Clapp and Haney Brazed Tool, we specialize in made to print custom tools.  Over the years Clapp and Haney has manufactured thousands of special tools for unusual applications.  C&H has the tool making experience, in-plant tooling and manufacturing capacity to make your carbide, or tungsten carbide tools from your drawing.

Below are examples of just some of the tools we have custom manufactured for our customers over the years:
 Boring Bars
● Carbide Form Tools
● Chamfering Tools
● Double End Cutoff Tools
● Scarfing Tools
● Solid Carbide Boring Tools
● Turning Tools
● B & O Style Cutoff Tools
● Carbide Form Throwaways
● Carbide Single Points
● Cutoff Tools
● Grooving Tools
● Offset Tools
● Trepanning Tools
● OD Scarfing Tools
● ID Scarfing Tools
Do you need a special brazed to to your Customer Print?
● Special brazed tools in all shapes, sizes and grades. 
● Single orders in low volume or high including blanket orders in  
   both low and high volume.
● Open tolerance or close tolerance CNC ground items.
● Complex form wire cut or wire cut blanks,

We can provide just what you are looking for!!!
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Made in the USA by American Workers
Delivering Quality, Value and Performance
Delivering Quality, Value and Performance
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